The Sokolnice Home for the Elderly, located in the listed castle grounds, has completed three interconnected two-storey pavilions, which will offer 48 new beds for the elderly. Construction began in September 2021 and was financed by the South Moravian Region with a subsidy from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. In these three buildings we have installed our light fixtures, which will contribute to the quality of life of our clients. The opening ceremony took place on 28th February with the participation of the SMR Governor Jan Grolich and our founder Hynek Medřický was also invited to the prestigious ribbon cutting.

All three newly built houses are barrier-free, the ground floor will serve immobile seniors and those with Alzheimer’s disease, advanced dementia and significantly reduced mobility, the second floor will be occupied by mobile clients. The light fixtures we installed give off the same light as the natural daylight outside. During the day they emit natural daylight white light, after sunset the automatically controlled light system adapts to the biological clock of the clients and emits warm light, which in the evening gives the body the signal to prepare for going to sleep. At night, a special motion sensor lights up an orange orientation light when needed, which does not interfere with night-time recovery and sleep. “Thanks to the proper synchronisation of circadian rhythms during the day, evening and night, clients will have better quality sleep and more energy and better mood during the day. I wish all the inhabitants of the home to feel like they are under the sun with its beneficial effects, even though they stay inside most of the time,” comments lighting expert and founder of Spectrasol, Hynek Medřický.

The project is called Humanisation of Residential Services in Sokolnice and the estimated cost was CZK 97.4 million, of which the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs provided the South Moravian Region with a subsidy of approximately CZK 33 million. The total renovation cost CZK 112 million and will provide 16 new places for the elderly in each of the three buildings. PSG Construction was the general contractor for the entire project and we acted as a subcontractor for the biodynamic light fixtures. “The whole project went smoothly and the South Moravian Region was satisfied with the cooperation and results. We agreed that our biodynamic light fixtures can act as a model and reference installation for other similar projects and installations,” explains Spectrasol’s project manager Ondřej Kubíček.


A new feature is also a therapeutic garden and other green areas, which will serve as a place of tranquillity and rest for seniors. For immobile seniors, it is especially important to come into more intensive contact with nature. “The building is in a way a model for further projects, it stands out for its innovative and modern design. Seniors with special needs will find a beautiful home in the new premises and we are very happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to improving their quality of life,” adds Daniel Jesenský, Spectrasol’s Executive Director.

For more information, see the article South Moravian Region.

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