Our unique LED luminaires will light up your interior with artificial daylight that mimics the natural light of the sun!

Spectrasol technology imitates natural sunlight in several ways: a) it has an overall balanced spectral composition SPD (Spectral power distribution) b) the colour of the light CCT (correlated colour temperature) corresponds to the colour of the sun on a nice day c) Spectrasol luminaires optimally distribute the light over the area or indirectly against the ceiling and thus create the impression of a clear sky
With Spectrasol technology you get biologically optimised, circadian efficient, healthy and stimulating integrative lighting that affects both the visual and non-image-forming system of the eye (NIF). It is suitable wherever mental or physical activities take place indoors, or where you need to feel good while contributing to the overall vitality and health of the users.


Of all existing artifical light sources, Spectrasol is the closest to sunlight


The sun at noon


Fluorescent lamp


Standard led



In contrast to fluorescent lamps and conventional LEDs, Spectrasol light has a balanced spectral composition containing all visible wavelengths in the 450-670 nm range (full-spectrum artificial light source) and has a 97% match to the sunlight according to Brainard’s method.

The unique property of Spectrasol is the overall balanced spectral composition, which almost perfectly copies the natural spectrum of solar radiation, including circadian energy in the cyan area of melanopsin receptors sensitivity (460-500 nm). Thanks to this, it supports the natural functioning of the organism during the day and creates the conditions for nighttime regeneration and repair processes.

At the same time, the spectral waveform of Spectrasol does not contain concentrated energy in the region of harmful blue light, which poses a risk of negative effects on macular degeneration of the retina during long-term use even at low intensities. Spectrasol, on the other hand, regenerates the eyes by emitting energy in the red photobiomodulation region of the spectrum at 670 nm, which acts as a compensatory factor against the risks of harmful blue light with both preventive and therapeutic effects.

Spectrasol shines instantly at full power, is resistant to frequent switching, has a long lifetime and suppresses the flicker effect. At the same time, the luminaires are designed so that they can easily replace existing light fittings and be connected to conventional wiring.

Spectrasol’s full-spectrum procognitive and biodynamic lighting systems, thanks to the comprehensive optimisation of the light spectrum and other features described above, are highly superior to the common practice of the Human Centric Lighting approach, conventional full-spectrum lamps, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, LED strips or other bulbs or fluorescent lamps that mimic daylight in some parameters.

What makes Spectrasol unique

Key areas of our spectral composition

Technical specifications of our unique spectral composition created by a patented assembly of LED chips of various colors and powers

The luminaire panel comprises an exceptional LED light source designed for boosting and strengthening of cognitive performance. It comprises at least one white LED chip emitting light of 380 to 700 nm wavelengths with a chromaticity temperature of 3,800 to 4,200 K and at least one monochromatic blue LED chip emitting light at 470 to 480 nm and at least one monochrome turquoise LED chip emitting light at a wavelength of 490 to 500 nm, with the sum of the power of blue and turquoise LED chips being 4.5 to 6% of the sum of the power of white LED chips or the power consumption of blue and turquoise LED chips being 10 to 20% of the total power consumption, while the power ratio of blue and turquoise LED chips is 0.8 to 1.2 : 0.8 to 1.2. CRI Ra > 90.

The unique technical properties of Spectrasol light source

  • In the 450-670 nm range, Spectrasol lighting has a balanced representation of all wavelengths (trully full-spectrum source of artificial light).
  • To support cognition, Spectrasol light sources do not have an emission drop in the range of 460-540 nm, which is typical for conventional LEDs.
  • In the 415-455 nm range, in the so-called Harmful Blue Light region, Spectrasol procognitive lighting emits a maximum of 8% of its energy emission.
  • In addition Spectrasol lighting has a balanced intensity of the light energy in the red region without an emission decrease in the photobiomodulation range of 670 nm – this energy serves as a potential photoprotective measure that counterbalances Harmful Blue Light effects on the retina of the eye.
  • The colour tone of the Spectrasol procognitive lighting suitable for daytime applications corresponds to daylight (4,600-4,800 K).
  • Spectrasol lighting has a colour rendering index (CRI) Ra > 95

Spectral power distribution of Spectrasol LED light
superimposed over the spectrum of sunlight 5,000 K (white curve).

The effectiveness of Spectrasol light has been verified by experimental researches performed by the Czech Technical University, the National Institute of Mental Health, the BIOCEV European Biomedical and Biotechnology Centre and other scientific institutions.

Key benefits of Spectrasol

  • Best-balanced spectrum to emulate sunlight
  • Highest circadian, melanopic and procognitive efficacy naturally stimulating the human organism
  • Pleasant and exceptionally comfortable white light
  • Highest level of visual comfort
  • Promotes alertness, speed of thinking and concentration
  • Enhances memory and recall
  • Increases work or study performance and reduces error rates
  • Increases subjective satisfaction and improves mood
  • Improves communication, human relationships and overall team climate
  • Promotes overall health and vitality and continuously boosts immunity
  • Regenerates the retina in real time (photobiomodulation energy)
  • Increases workplace safety
  • Increases the attractiveness of working conditions
  • More efficient and better quality light source compared to traditional lights

Examples of aplication



Offices and manufacturing areas, control centres and service areas, laboratories and development centres


Schools and other educational facilities, training centres


Security and defense

Supervisory and monitoring workplaces, control rooms, shooting ranges, mobile units (e.g. monitoring vehicles, containers), offices etc.



Healthcare and social care facilities



Service establishments

And other interiors where daily mental or physical activity takes place


  • for surface-mounted installation
  • for hanging (with accessories)
  • for installation into a grid ceiling
  • for mounting into plasterboard ceiling (with accessories) with increased protection rating IP 65
  • linear pendant luminaires for indirect daytime lighting
  • linear wall-mounted luminaires for indirect daytime lighting
  • biodynamic circadian

Spectrasol in media