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Vitae 3-in-1 LED lightbulb

3 light types in a single LED bulb for day, evening and night, designed with respect to the human circadian rhythm:

  • Bright white light with strengthened cyan emission imitates daylight and supports cognition, performance and concentration during the day
  • Warm white light with lowered blue and green emission helps to relax in the early evening
  • Orange light devoid of blue or green wavelengths promotes healthy sleep and does not suppress melatonin secretion during late evening and at night

Red glasses

Protective red goggles that completely block blue or green light for natural melatonin secretion and circadian entrainment. They filter all visible light to which the human circadian rhythm is the most sensitive to, i.e. all wavelengths below 590 nm. Blue and green light do not hit the eyes from the sides, top, bottom or around the nose. Vertical slits on the sides prevent fogging, but do not let light into the eyes. To be used 90 minutes before sleep and throughout the night in case of waking up.