The unique features and benefits of our lighting have appealed to a number of public institutions, private entities and research projects including:

Grammar schools and primary schools
Installation of procognitive lighting in several Czech schools. At two selected grammar schools, the effectiveness was also proven by a study in cooperation with Czech Technical University (UCEEB CTU) and University of Economics, Prague.

TGM Home for seniors in Beroun
Installation of a procognitive and biodynamic lighting system in a nursing home simulating a 24-hour sun cycle. Research by the NIMH (Czech National Institute of Mental Health) in cooperation with UCEEB CTU has evidenced an improvement in sleep, mood and increased activity during the day in clients.

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery
Application of our procognitive LED technology in the administrative and production premises of the Siemens Brno plant to improve working conditions, health and productivity

Development and application of procognitive lighting panels for autonomous micro-offices and call rooms, to improve user comfort and performance.

UCEEB CTU, National Institute of Mental Health (TA CR)
Development of a “light sauna” and other therapeutic lighting devices for patients with mental illnesses. The devices will be installed both in hospitals and in a reduced portable form that will be available for individual home light therapy treatment.

Czech Olympic Committee
Installation of the Procognitive “light shower” to optimise athletes’ biorhythms and combat jetlag at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongyang.

Interactive teaching centres
Installation of procognitive luminaires in special classrooms of the future. A total of 34 classrooms in 12 secondary and higher vocational schools in Prague were equipped with procognitive lighting.

Hydronaut H03 Deeplab – Space Research Centre
Full-spectrum biodynamic lighting system installed resolves the absence of natural light cycles in deep-water used for space mission simulations. According to the Hydronauts, the new lighting played an important role in their wellbeing and contributed to their ability to successfully break the Czech record for time spent under water.

Fire brigade
Installation of procognitive lighting in the control room at the headquarters of the Fire and Rescue Service in Prague.

Beekeeping Research Institute
Development of special LED lighting with an adjustable spectrum to replace unsatisfactory fluorescent technology. The lighting is used to research the life cycles of bees in an artificial flight tunnel.

xPORT Business Accelerator of the University of Economics
Installation of procognitive luminaires in offices, meeting rooms and spaces leased to start-ups.