Spectrasol procognitive and regenerative full-spectrum LED lighting imitating natural light from the sun in interiors

blankOur unique LED panels will illuminate your interiors with artificial daylight! Thanks to the unparalleled spectrum imitating daylight from the sun, you will obtain natural and healthy full-spectrum lighting wherever you need to feel good or be productive and efficient.

Spectrasol panels immediately shine with full power, are resistant to frequent switching, have a long service life and suppressed flicker effect. At the same time, they are designed so that they can easily replace existing luminaires with standard electrical installation.


Technical specifications of the Spectrasol light source

The luminaire panel comprises an exceptional LED light source designed for boosting and strengthening of cognitive performance. It comprises at least one white LED chip emitting light of 380 to 700 nm wavelengths with a chromaticity temperature of 3,800 to 4,200 K and at least one monochromatic blue LED chip emitting light at 470 to 480 nm and at least one monochrome turquoise LED chip emitting light at a wavelength of 490 to 500 nm, with the sum of the power of blue and turquoise LED chips being 4.5 to 6% of the sum of the power of white LED chips or the power consumption of blue and turquoise LED chips being 10 to 20% of the total power consumption, while the power ratio of blue and turquoise LED chips is 0.8 to 1.2 : 0.8 to 1.2. CRI Ra > 90.

Spectrum of Spectrasol LED light superimposed over the spectrum of sunlight 5,000 K (white curve).
  • In the 450-670 nm range, Spectrasol lighting has a balanced representation of all wavelengths (the so-called full-spectrum source of artificial light).
  • To support cognition, Spectrasol light sources do not have an emission drop in emission in the range of 460-540 nm, which is very typical for conventional LEDs.
  • In the 415-455 nm range, in the so-called Harmful blue light, or Harmful Blue Light region, Spectrasol procognitive lighting emits a maximum of 8% of its energy emission.
  • Spectrasol lighting has a balanced intensity of the light energy in the red region without an emission decrease in the photobiomodulation range of 670 nm – this energy serves as a potential photoprotective measure that counterbalances any HBL harmful effects on the retina of the eye.
  • The colour tone of the Spectrasol procognitive lighting suitable for daytime applications corresponds to daylight (4,600-4,800 K).
  • Spectrasol lighting has a colour rendering index (CRI) of Ra higher than 95

The Spectra LED Panel is standardly produced in 600×300 mm, 600×600 mm, 1200×300 mm, 1200×600 mm, 1600×300 mm dimensions and in a linear Mikado version. The shape, colour and size can be manufactured according to customer’s needs. It has a high-quality and strong body made of sheet steel, which can be attached by fixing, inserting into a hole or by hanging, depending on the dispositions of the target environment.

Full-spectrum procognitive lighting and other Spectrasol bio-optimised light sources, thanks to comprehensive light spectrum optimisation and other features described above far exceed the current practice of the human-centric lighting approach.

Examples of applications: administrative and production facilities, teaching and training facilities, service and dispatch centres, laboratories and development workplaces, shops, service establishments, operating rooms, hospitals and social facilities, public administration buildings as well as home and other interiors.