About Spectrasol

Spectrasol is a supplier of comprehensive patented solutions in the field of bio-optimised procognitive lighting systems. We provide comprehensive delivery, including related services.

By installing our lighting imitating natural light from the sun, you can get significant benefits for your environment for the work, health and lives of people present, such as:

  • Increasing work or study performance and reducing errors
  • Promoting alertness, speed of thinking and concentration
  • Enhancing the ability to remember and recall from memory
  • Increased subjective satisfaction and better emotional attitude at work
  • Improving communication, relationships and the overall climate within teams
  • Significant improvement in visual comfort and overall vitality
  • Key influence on human biorhythms and their dependent immune system function
  • Reduction of morbidity and fluctuation
  • It does not contain a concentrated part of the spectrum in the area of so-called Harmful Blue Light
  • Regenerates the retina of the eye in real time
  • Increased safety in the workplace
  • Increased attractiveness of working conditions for new and existing employees
  • More efficient and high quality light source compared to traditional luminaires