Patented procognitive and regenerative LED lighting that emulates natural sunlight

Spectrasol improves cognitive performance during work and study, subjective satisfaction, visual comfort and overall health and vitality


We supply biologically optimised procognitive patent-protected lighting systems

Spectrasol is a supplier of biologically optimised procognitive patent-protected lighting systems, whose authors and advocates are leading Czech experts, scientists and recognised authorities in lighting and lighting technologies. In fact, light fundamentally affects our feelings, performance and health. If today, people are intensely engaged in what the society breathes, drinks and eats, concentration on the influence and potential of light comes into play as another key opportunity that can influence and control our body, mind and mood.

People are spending more and more time indoors under insufficient artificial lighting. This shift in light exposure is rather unfortunate because the human body is evolutionarily adapted to full-spectrum sunlight which has an essential impact on health, performance and the general mental state.

Our revolutionary procognitive lighting technology, which is based on human biorhythms, ensures that the properties of artificial lighting match the properties of natural light from the Sun.

During the day, our procognitive LED sources emit a high proportion of cyan and neighbouring blue and green wavelengths. These wavelengths are faithfully represented just like in the Sun’s daylight. They entrain the human circadian rhythm and stimulate the body to full alertness and activity as well as support cognitive performance and overall vitality of the human body. At the same time, they promote the secretion of the hormone serotonin during the day, which in turn promotes melatonin secretion at night and supports the resulting regenerative and immune processes of the body during sleep.

Spectrasol ligthing thus improves the life, health and performance of people, creates a more stimulating, performance-efficient and attractive environment to organisations as well as better work or study results and prosperity.


The unique benefits of Spectrasol lighting

  • Pleasant and uniquely comfortable white light approaching the biological effectiveness of the sun (its circadian efficiency was evaluated in an experiment at Prague secondary schools according to the CIE at 97% efficiency of the sun)
  • Naturally stimulates the body and works to improve overall physical and mental health, vitality and immunity.
  • Does not damage the eye through the so-called Harmful Blue Light (hereafter referred to as HBL)
  • Regenerates the retina of the eye in real time and repairs damage caused by light source emission in the HBL area (Reparation Efficiency)
  • Increases yield/man-hour (Procognitive Effectiveness) – supports cognitive performance, alertness, concentration and emotional attunement (as evidenced by our own research studies, i.e. 10-20% improvement in cognitive tests results at Prague grammar schools as well as a 100%+ increase in the rhythmic amplitude of melatonin secretion levels among the residents of the Home for the Elderly in Beroun, Czech Republic).
  • The product represents the top trends seen in lifestyle and lighting industries:
    • the trend of a healthy lifestyle and care for physical and mental health
    • the growing trend of protection against HBL
    • the business trend in lighting towards biologically optimised lighting (HCL- Human centric lighting)

Uniqueness of Spectrasol. Key areas of spectral composition

Spectrasol lights have a uniquely balanced spectral composition approaching that of sunlight, with well-balanced procognitive energy and no concentrated energy emission in the short-wavelength harmful blue light range that increases the risk of macular degeneration of the retina. In fact, Spectrasol regenerates the eyes by emitting energy in the red photobiomodulation part of the light spectrum, which acts as a compensatory factor against the risks posed by the harmful blue light, with both preventive and therapeutic effects.


Does not damage retinal cells
Does not damage retinal cells



Supports the circadian system and cognitive performance
Balanced energy in the azure procognitive
range (460-500 nm)


Regenerates damaged cells
of the retina

Peak in the photobiomodulation red
range (~670 nm)

Why to apply Spectrasol lighting

Key benefits for people and organisations


Increases cognitive performance, alertness, concentration and productivity | reduces error rates


Improves mood and subjective satisfaction | reduces stress | increases interior attractiveness


Improves sleep quality | improves regeneration and vitality


Spectrasol benefits overall health and immunity | provides highest level of visual comfort | no harmful blue light effects | regenerates the retina of the eye

Independent confirmation of the circadian, procognitive and photobiomodulation effects of Spectrasol

The effectiveness of Spectrasol light has been verified by experimental researches performed by the Czech Technical University, the National Institute of Mental Health, the BIOCEV European Biomedical and Biotechnology Centre and other scientific institutions.

Where to apply Spectrasol lighting


Offices and manufacturing areas, control centres and service areas, laboratories and development centres


Schools and other educational facilities, training centres


Supervisory and monitoring workplaces, control rooms, shooting ranges, mobile units (e.g. monitoring vehicles, containers), offices etc.


Healthcare and social care facilities


Service establishments


Hotels and home interiors


Underground transport, ships, submarines

And other interiors where daily mental or physical activity takes place

Spectrasol in media