Last week, the most important conference in the field of chronobiology was held in Prague, hosted by the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms (SLTBR).

It was mentioned at the beginning of the conference that compared to our ancestors, we are able to function 24/7, which is, among other things, related to the overuse of electric light. Its unnatural properties expose us to significant challenges regarding its impact on the body, health and life. At the same time, it has been repeatedly pointed out that the spectral composition of light is crucial in its biological effects. The health problems that are caused by the resulting poor function of circadian rhythms can be seen through a table from one of the lectures below.

Even now our hearts are full of impressions from personal meetings and sharing with the leaders and icons of chronobiology, both Czech – headed by Prof. Helena Illnerova, and world: Prof. George C. Brainard (USA), Prof. Christian Cajochen (CH), Prof. Manuel Spitschan (D), Prof. Satchin Panda (USA) and others.

We have received a lot of recognition for our work, for example Prof. George C. Brainard, the most cited author and icon of the world chronobiology from Jefferson University, when showing our light source, which we measured together with a spectrometer, when asked what he thought about applying such light in schools and offices in the Czech Republic, he just said: ”With this spectrum and melanopic values…, just amazing!”

We very much appreciate the exceptional opportunity to present the results of our work in front of such a prestigious forum. Dr. Lenka Maierová (CTU) and Dr. Jana Kopřivová (National Institute of Mental Health) presented the excellent results of testing Spectrasol technology in phototherapeutic aids for the treatment of psychiatric diseases. We hope that our phototherapy pavilion and suitcase will soon become a common part of the equipment of medical facilities specialized in mental illness.

At the same time, during a break in the conference programme, we visited the General University Hospital with several personalities led by Prof. Satschin Panda, where we have recently implemented a unique biodynamic lighting system and there was also unconcealed enthusiasm for our joint work with CTU UCEEB.

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