Since July, biologically optimised Spectrasol lighting has been available in the Nivamare hotel in Luhačovice. In cooperation with the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the hotel has prepared a programme of relaxation and recovery stays using phototherapy. The aim is to improve sleep and promote regeneration and vitality, especially for visitors with demanding jobs. Along with this, they will learn the basic principles of light hygiene for their daily lives. Lighting has been installed in several rooms as part of a pilot implementation and, following client interest, expansion is already being considered. Spectrasol lighting has many benefits, for example, according to expert studies it improves sleep, concentration and productivity.  

Rooms with biodynamic lighting

The Spectrasol lighting system with the ability to specifically adjust lighting conditions for day, evening and night is installed in selected rooms. “I would recommend staying in a room with biodynamic lighting to all people who have demanding jobs, are exposed to high levels of stress, struggle with sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Among other things, it is also important for all those who want to work on their health preventively to avoid such conditions. During these stays, they can, among other things, learn proper sleep and light hygiene and regain enough energy for the next days,” says Libuše Padevětová, Sales and Marketing Director of Royal Spa Hotels, which also includes the Nivamare Spa Hotel.

Phototherapy with polarised light:

“In the morning and during the day, the body is stimulated in the room and during phototherapy with intense light that mimics the daytime sunshine. In the evening mode, the blue and cyan spectral components of the light are reduced in the room lighting, as is the case at sunset. At night, the rooms are lit only with orange lighting that mimics fire. Such optimised light conditions synchronise the body’s time system and optimise hormonal functions, especially the production of serotonin during the day and melatonin at night. Itis beneficial for night-time physical and mental regeneration and daytime vitality,” says Spectrasol project manager Ondřej Kubíček.

Fighting off seasonal depression with light

blank“The Sleep Balance stay is designed to promote better sleep and health, while educating clients in light hygiene, the principles of which they can use in their everyday lives and thus significantly improve their quality of life,” says Hynek Medřický, founder of Spectrasol. In addition to staying in the rooms mainly in the evening and at night, the clients will get to use special phototherapy equipment during the day, which, among other things, helps in the treatment of affective disorders such as seasonal depression. Everything will take place under the supervision of a therapist who is preparing the individual treatments in cooperation with the National Institute of Mental Health. At the beginning of the stay, visitors undergo an initial medical examination and subsequently undergo phototherapy with full-spectrum cognitive lighting and many other activities such as appropriate physical activities, aquafitness and relaxation treatments with unlimited access to the wellness and sauna world and more. “Among other things, as part of their stay, they will also receive special red glasses, which they will use in the evening before going to sleep, preparing their body for night-time mental and physical regeneration,” adds Hynek Medřický.

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