Sunflow Spectrasol

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Spectrasol Sunflow brings a unique lighting system to our homes using 3 patented technologies. Sunflow solves all types of light you may need indoors! It provides the perfect light for productive days, calm evenings and undisturbed nights.The light modes are in accordance with the 24 h light cycle in nature and exert an effect on the non-image forming system of the eye (NIF). Thanks to this, they positively influence and above all do not disturb the circadian system. All this is controlled by pressing a button, setting parameters in the app and a motion sensor for night mode.

Staying indoors feels like
being under the open sky!

The daytime mode, provided by Spectrasol LED modules, imitates natural sunlight and is patented for its unique balance and pro-cognitive properties of the spectrum and regenerative red component, which, among other things, protects our eyes from the risks of harmful blue light. The daytime mode shines indirectly on the ceiling, giving the impression of a clear sky. It stimulates the body towards activity and alertness, supports cognitive function and mood.

Melanopic coeficient MDER = 0.85

Powerful LED modules create even illumination of more than 800lx in a medium-sized room.

Shines like the sun on a sunny day – 5000K replacement chromaticity temperature.

Top colour rendering CRI 96, including a true-to-life R9 95 red rendering.


Sunset in your home

In the evening Sunflow shines a warm white light indirectly against the wall and thus imitates the Sun at sunset, which calms the body and is suitable for evening relaxation.

Indirect, glare-free illumination creates the best atmosphere for an evening with friends or a quiet evening with the family.

The evening LED module seamlessly blends warm white 3000K LEDsup to extra warm 1800K light.

All while maintaining perfect colour rendering of CRI 96 for 3000Kand CRI 94 for 1800K.


Undisturbed nights

The night mode glows with a pleasant orange light like a fire and does not disturb the circadian rhythms of the body. It is suitable for preparation for sleep, night regeneration and as an orientation light during the night.

The patented night spectrum is completely free of blue and green spectral components, which means it has minimal impact on the circadian system. It has a very low melanopic coefficient MDER = 0.017

The night light can be activated by simple movement so that your night journeys, for example to the toilet, do not disturb your peace.

The night light is pleasantly orange and allows basic colour resolution thanks to sufficient spectral width. The light is thus not unpleasant as with monochromatic or RGB light sources.


Easy to use without worries

The individual light modes are seamlessly interwoven by the automatic control system so that Sunflow is always illuminated correctly depending on the location, time and season.

  • After the first power-up, simply connect Sunflow to your local wifi network via the web interface and set the optional parameters. You can then edit the settings from any device if needed.
  • With internet access Sunflow will automatically download and install updates upon release of any upgrades. This ensures that you always have the best features available.


  • One push of a button and the Sunflow will always light up correctly for the time of day and year. No room for error, so as not to disrupt your circadian rhythm. If you leave Sunflow on all the time, it will accompany you throughout your day and night.


  • Don’t be afraid at night! Even if you turn Sunflow off, the almost invisible motion sensor will notice you and light your way. You don’t have to think about what to push and you stay as calm as possible. If you want complete darkness, simply turn this function off with the slide switch on the back of the stand.

Precision, detail, workmanship

  • The base is made of powder-coated steel and is heavy enough to ensure safe stability.All electronics are housed on a single slide-out module in the base. The entire control module can be easily replaced at the end of the electronics life cycle. We use the highest quality flicker free drivers from renowned European manufacturers to power our LEDs.

  • The stand is made of aluminium profiles and is anchored to the base by a high-strength piece milled from stainless steel. This ensures that everything stays in place during use, handling and transport.
  • The optical system of the stand particularly ensures indirect light distribution for evening and night mode. It consists of an opal diffuser and special polarising filters that send light exactly where it is needed and prevent unwanted glare.
  • The dominant part of Sunflow consists of satellites carrying patented daytime LED modules. The satellites are specially developed power aluminium heat sinks that provide sufficient heat dissipation for long LED life. Thanks to them it is possible to radiate enough power from a small area so that your interior is truly illuminated as if it were daytime.

Adapts to your style

  • You can configure the individual base, stand and satellite Sunflow parts in colours to suit your style. In addition to the many colour combinations, you can take the Sunflow personality even further with a special wooden edition that combines machine precision with the natural beauty of nature.

Developed and verified in collaboration


The development and methodology of this device’s application were created in cooperation with the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings of CTU in Prague and with the National Institute of Mental Health as part of a project financed with state support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic as part of the TREND Programme.