Equipped with patented fullspectrum LED technology with unique circadian effect

  • Can be used in outpatient and home applications for treatment and prevention
  • Proven effectiveness for a range of mental disorders
  • Detailed NIMH certified methodology can be used in application
  • Unique patented full spectrum LED technology
  • Circadian effect comparable to the sun
  • High representation of azure wavelengths in the 460-520 nm region providing maximum melanopic stimulation
  • Flat and pleasing distribution of therapeutic light
  • High light intensity while maintaining visual comfort
It is designed with the dimensions of a cabin bag to be placed on a table so that its luminous surface is at the eye level of a seated person. It is designed to provide treatment during hospitalization, outpatient care, and during the transition from clinical care to daily life as part of a home application.

A high therapeutic impact is made possible by the use of Spectrasol Therapeutic’s unique light spectrum technology (protected by patent no. 308363) with a high representation of wavelengths in the sensitivity range of ipRGC cells, which act on the circadian system. At the same time, the composition of the spectrum is beneficial for the eyes of the user due to the limitation of harmful blue wavelengths below 450 nm and the content of red wavelengths around 670 nm.

Unique spectral composition and key areas of emitted therapeutic light Spectrasol

Compared to other available devices, the device is equipped with an extra-large illuminating area. This makes it possible to create a pleasant environment during therapy without glare for the patient, with the possibility to perform activities during the application (reading, breakfast, working on the computer, etc.).

The panel is available in two versions – ON/OFF and with remote management. In the version with remote management, the doctor can pre-set the appropriate timing of the therapy and thus adapt the lamp to the individual needs of the client.
At the same time, online connection and data sharing can be enabled, so the attending physician is informed about the client’s therapy progress.

Verified efficacy

The National Institute of Mental Health has verified the efficacy of phototherapy using the Spectrasol phototherapy panel in the following areas:

  • Affective experience and mood
  • Sleep
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Monitoring of patient cooperation
The detailed NIMH certified methodology, available as part of the delivery, can be used in the application see. QR link on the reverse side.

Basic technical data

Basic dimensions in transport mode 648x355x157 mm
Light area 535×600 mm (3210 cm2)
Weight 8 kg
Input power max 40 W
Relative melanopic device efficiency (melanopic DER) 0,934
Photopic luminance * 3000 lx
Equivalent melanopic daylight illuminance * 2750 lx
Correlated colour temperature (CCT) 5000 K
Colour rendering index (CRI) >80

* at the recommended illumination distance of 50 cm

ON/OFF version price: 39 000 Kč
This phototherapeutic device is intended for treatment provided by specialized physicians and medical professionals only.
Certified application methodology – National Institute of Mental Health:
Therapy can only be carried out on the recommendation and as instructed by a specialist doctor or therapist. Violation of these instructions may cause adverse effects on the body.
The development and application methodology of this device were created in cooperation with the CTU UCEEB and the NIMH in the project No. FW02020025 funded with state support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic within the TREND Programme.